Middle School

In 2009, we took a pioneering step in creating separate boys’ and girls’ classrooms for the Jr. High age group. Studies have shown that boys and girls have different learning styles and also mature at different rates. We believe that the separate rooms, with men teaching the boys and women teaching the girls, give them a chance to develop with less social pressure. The classes share the same breaks, lunch, lecture classes, and PE time so they still have time to interact and build friendships. Parents, teachers, and even the students are pleased with the situation.

Our goal is to develop honorable, diligent young men and women, who are faithful in their work and respectful towards others. Older classmates are taught to treat younger class members with honor and respect and vice versa. We strive to create a family atmosphere where each member treats the others with respect and love, encouraging each other in godliness and faithfulness.

Accelerated Christian Education

Our core curriculum for Jr. High (6th, 7th, and 8th), Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), is mastery-based, individualized and self-paced, which makes it possible to have several grade levels in one classroom. Our students are required to complete 12 booklets, called PACEs – Packets of Accelerated Christian Education – for one academic year’s work. Motivated students are allowed and even encouraged to do extra, especially in Math. As a result, many eighth graders complete high school credits in junior high. In addition to PACE work, students have Creative Writing classes and P.E., and Eighth grade has Earth Science and Pre-Algebra as lecture classes.