High School

At the High School level, we have made a transition to a lecture classroom for all of our classes. We are emphasizing Biblical principles, a Biblical world view, leadership, character, community service, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate both verbally and with the written word. Our goal is to graduate young men and women who have learned to think, will affect those around them and be world changers.

HCCS High School core curriculum includes:

  • English I, II, III, IV
  • Algebra I, II, Geometry, Pre Calculus
  • World Geography, World History, Government and Economics, U.S. History
  • Biology, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry
  • Writing I, II
  • Spanish I, II
  • Speech, Rhetoric, Fine Arts
  • Citizenship, Leadership, Sociology
  • Electives: Constitution, Collectivism, Journalism, New Testament Survey, Life of Christ, Etymology, Varsity Athletics

Through organized classes our students are learning commitment, work ethic, integrity, and how to assume the responsibility for their studies and grades.

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