What makes HCCS unique:


What makes us affordable?

  • Our belief that finance should not be the reason Christian families do not choose private education.
  • A four-day school week to keep operating costs down.
  • Teachers who are passionate about students over monetary gain.

Individualized Learning

What are the strengths of individualized learning?

  • Individual goals emphasize finishing work early and often, making for less homework. 
  • Allows teachers to give appropriate time to help when students need assistance, and gives freedom to students to continue working when no help is needed.
  • Builds academic skills over time, so that students learn new material when they are ready.

Biblically-Based Education

How is the Bible incorporated into our education?

  • Daily Scripture memory or reflection.
  • Biblically based, faith building curriculum.
  • Open discussion and edification of the Bible between teachers and students.