HCCS’s response to COVID-19

Dear Hill Country Christian School Family,

SMCISD and several surrounding school districts are now closed until April 6th in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (commonly known as the Coronavirus).

We will be canceling all school operations for the week of March 23rd. We will implement distance learning for the week of March 30th. If it is safe to do so, we will resume on-campus classes on Monday April 6th. We will also be postponing all extra-curricular activities until further notice.

Hays County and the City of San Marcos have declared a state of disaster. We are going to be obedient to our government agencies and shut-down all non-essential school operations. Our priority is to keep COVID-19 from spreading in our community and we will do our part.

Thank you for being patient with us as we prepare for a new challenge. This will take several steps of planning and communication. During the week of March 23rd our staff will be making preparations for distance learning. Please look for communications from teachers and administration during this time. During the week of March 30th we will implement distance learning.

May God Bless,

HCCS Administration