Our Beliefs and Philosophy

Hill Country Christian School is a Christian leadership school.

By Christian we mean:

  1. All knowledge is made complete only when seen and understood in relation to the eternal glory and purposes of the triune God.
  2. Each aspect of our educational endeavor is founded upon and informed by a thoroughly biblical worldview.
  3. All subjects are taught as part of a unified, integrated whole that demonstrates God’s character and glory as revealed through creation, providence and Scripture.

Education is inherently value-laden. Education at Hill Country is fundamentally different from secular education in philosophy, instruction, and content. An education for Christians prepares them to be free Christian men and women that will become shepherds in God’s kingdom.

HCCS realizes that God has established spheres of earthly authority including the family. Hill Country recognizes that God has entrusted parents with the responsibility to educate their children. Therefore, HCCS operates as an extension of the family to cooperatively assist parents in an educational partnership.

By Leadership we mean:

  1. To encourage Godly citizenship, including how to be an influencer of people, how to be effective in our community, and how to be a servant leader.
  2. To empower students with life skills by addressing social, moral, and spiritual issues with a sure identity in Christ.
  3. To train up Godly young men and women to know their purpose, to become leaders in their environment, and to seek to change the world around them.
“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”
Psalms 78:72