School cancelled for Monday, August 28, due to weather conditions.

Lady Rams Defeat Bobcats

2015-16 Varsity Basketball Girls Team PictureJanuary 28—Hill Country Christian School Lady Rams overtake district opponent, Spring Branch Living Rock Bobcats, 39-30. Freshman, Demaris Darnell, got the ball rolling, swishing a three-pointer in the first minute—what a way to start a district game! Darnell led the team in made shots for that quarter, scoring another two-pointer aa well as another three. Grace Stewart, also a freshman, drove into the basket and got the free throw line where she sunk another basket. This gave the Lady Rams the lead going into the second quarter. 9-7. The Lady Rams became frustrated in the second quarter as the close score made both teams frantic and extremely aggressive. Their offense was impaired as sophomore, Jada Williamson, was taken out of the game for most that quarter, already having two fouls from the first quarter. However, Williamson made five points for the team as soon as she was back in the game—two lay-ups and a free-throw. The Bobcats outscored the Lady Rams 10-7 in that quarter, ending the first half at 17-16, Bobcats in the lead. The Lady Rams came back swinging hard, draining shots, and playing tight defense. Stewart went four for six at the free-throw line; she and Williamson both were going up strong under the basket to give the Lady Rams another eight points. The Lady Ram’s defensive adjustments from half time shut down the Bobcat’s outside shooter, Callie Lansing, and limited their post and point guard to one shot each. The Bobcats scored a bare minimum of four points for that quarter, while the Lady Rams barreled ahead, scoring 13. The Bobcats pressed hard on the defensive end in the fourth quarter, forcing many turnovers for the Lady Rams, which evidently gave them a few open lay ups. The Bobcats score slowly climbed from these opportunities. Luckily, Darnell swished two threes, emboldening the Lady Rams, accompanied by Williamson, who made another lay-up and made use of the free-throw line, making both shots in her one trip there for the quarter. The Lady Rams closed the game at 39-30. Freshman, Agusta Snipes, the Lady Rams smallest player at a mere 5’3”, faced the challenge of playing defense on the Bobcat’s largest player, Emily Johnson, 6’, who stood a whole head and shoulders above every other player on the court. Snipes moved her feet quickly to cut off passes and was assisted by Williamson’s height when she deflected three passes to Johnson. Johnson led the Bobcats in points with 17; however, her efforts were not enough to combat Darnell, with her four outside shots, and Williamson’s swift moves beneath the basket—both girls scoring 14 for the Lady Rams. Meanwhile Stewart sunk five some much needed pressure shots from the free throw line. The Lady Rams are very proud of their win and their present standing in district, having only lost once to the Bobcats by six and sweeping the other teams. Their next game will be against San Angelo Cornerstone, the last team in their district that they have not yet seen, on Tuesday, February 2.